Apr 1, 2008

2008 HAIKU

red faced
she pushed her cart
market time

misty evening
fireflies show their lantern-
early summer

leap second--
one second added
this year

old friends
nidnight return
garden frog__

at the drug store
choosing a "pregnancy stick"
second month__

choosing a branch
for her "preganancy stick"...
Mount Oshioka
yuzue ni eraruru eda ga oshio yama
by Issa, 1804

huffing and puffing
red eyed in the dark

out near
the thin ice__
sound of panic

garden frog
greets my return
old friend__

day off--
every day even better

winter blast
frost in my garden
southern boy

in my garden
reminders of past love
weeping willow__

autumn wind__
distant sounds
felt inside

full moon__
appears again
hidden by clouds

standing in line
get out the vote

(Thirteenth Place – Two Points)

autumn leaves-
rakes on sale
at the home depot

back yard feeders empty
I lay down my binoculars
autumn leaves__

tired eyes
made alive again
autumn majick__

autumn clouds
at thirty thousand feet
return trip__


beetles and bugs
crawl in the dirt
child's play__

autumn dew__
the last roses
finally fading

in my garden
reminders of past love
weeping willow__

a willow__
sprouts in my garden

(Sixteenth Place – Four Points)

key stroke__
closing in on
a health problem

system analysis
autumn check-up__

first cold spell
furnace lit__
the scent of autumn

mother-in-law's face
on the biggest pumpkin
harvest moon__

second helping__
autumn's cravings
pumpkin pie

back yard feeders empty
I lay down my binoculars
autumn leaves__

midnight slumber_
mother dozing in the rocker
the twins finally quiet (6th place)

flying high
above all worldly care
Vaughn Banting__

Lifting an ear
eyeing the door
a visitor arrives

the sunny south..
still green

jumps into the moon
still pond

this can't be the end
i'm still here...
and so are you Haiku U.

here there
travel the path

circling circling
splash... gone

8-8-8 China
eight gold's

cat-tails in the mist
sound of mallards
running on the water

opening the window
for some breeze
alarm blast__

closed bedroom door
glow of candle light
shadows moving

light of the
full moon
shadows moan

plucking gray hairs...
you too will be bald
as I am__

with haiku eyes
the moment vanishes

the need to kill
poems in blood

here there
walking the path
sound of her breath

sun room with hot tub...
and replacement windows__
spring improvements

big boys
playing games
summer Olympics


spider web
in the mist
a thousand sunrises

on a single strand
blowing in the wind

at the end
of a single strand
the spider begins his day

torn web
he spider begins again

hanging from the moon
by a single strand

early morning
walk , dodging
spider webs

potted Paulownia
blooms for the first time
summer heat__

nine cranes
in the mist__
she awakens

darkest nights
fireflies light the way
summer heat ( 18th place JULY 2008 KUKAI)

out living her birth certificate,
she writes for a replacement...
octogenarian ( 16th place JULY 2008 KUKAI )

ignoring the hi way traffic
great white heron

even before the storm,
by the wind chimes stir

FOURTH PLACE -- 5 pts June Simply Kukai

sky diving-
through the
mango moon

looking up from the coffin,
I thought I'd be the one
who beat death__

twin girls_
in their crib, telling secrets
out loud! Nineteenth Place – One Point

early summer —
stretching out in the sun
sand for my pillow
Seventeenth Place – Three Points
results for the June 2008 Kukai,
wherein our Kigo subject was "Sand"

pressing down, threatening
cloud burst

early summer_
heat already pressing down
in my little garden

southside ::
teetotum out of the shadows
shining bright

looking back
at his abandoned home_
life of the feral cat

floodlights dripping
cloud burst

in left field
cloud burst

new pitcher
warming up
bases loaded

walking away_
the scent of country on his shoe
and... butterflies

jumping put of bed
awakened by the clock's
ticking... stopped

sagging lines
one hundred sparrows
power poles

sunset appears
over power poles
ship's masts

golf coast
thunder storms and twisters
shifting sands

chuckwagon steak
sundown smoke

crescent moon
over home plate
follows player home

first base error
rounding second, third
sliding home

ball park lights
sunset beyond the pines
another win

beyond the pines
ball park lights outshine
setting sun

red dirt
crack of the bat
bases loaded

batter up
last minute coaching
swing_ crack of the bat

quiet garden
sipping a glass of wine
amaryllis bloom

saga palm_
fronds unfurling
from the center

the sound of water
every thrown stone
another frog?

basho's frog
roasted and served again
still has flavor

stealing the tranquility
9-11 landscape

spring showers
listening to CD
of bamboo flutes

Mother's Day photos
washed away in the flood
all that's left_ memories

roses in the garden
not quite like the catalog ad
but still pretty

catalog roses
don't measure up
but still pretty

double impact
catalog roses
less than expected

garden frog
sitting back, reading

stone frog
unmoved by seasons
green shoots

calla lily
the great pretender's
white trumpet

on the windshield
on the headlights
love bug season

stirring a cauldron
of chaos in the glass
new ink brush

under the deck
four yellow-striped kittens
moon viewing

spring rain_
tears dripping from the eaves
of the heart broken

stray yellow cat_
hidden under the deck
four tom kittens

I hide my face
being mooned
by the moon

empty mailbox
trying again tomorrow
expected refund_

full moon
reflected in store window
full moon

looking through
my reflection in the window
looking at me

young girl
carrying a purse
almost as big as she

wearing makeup
years beyond her age
dance class

9-11 monument
breaking ground
prison labor

(Slidell, La. City Jail)

new Slidell, 9-11 monument haiku

touching sorrow
touching cold metal
9-11 monument

passing train
ground trembling
9-11 monument

train whistle
disturbing the silence
9-11 monument

9-11 monument
thieves steal the tranquility
and the landscape

cloud burst
tears running down faces
9-11 monument

jogger's path_
detouring through
9-11 monument

stealing the tranquility
9-11 landscape

looking fine
strutting along the path
storm threatens

out of the woods
crossing the road
urban rabbit

quick wink
rising in the east
eclipse moon

in a pot
opening wide

crab legs
in the boiling pot
cool beer

back stroke
pushing off the side
feathers flying

caught in a thicket
free spirit memory

2) new operating system

3) yet another virus

desert sentinel
reaching for the heavens
a coat of white

cold moon . . .
a rising wave splashes
the taste of salt

melting snow and
spring rain flooding
sluices opened

river rising
sluices opened
city bypassed

....shadow on the sky__

wafting brew
entering the coffee house

full moon
peeking over the fence
flower cards


flower cards
whispering bamboo
and a full moon

flashlight in hand
full moon out shinning
modern technology

moon watching
over the fence
drifting voices

in the mirror
same face as yesterday
sun's reflection

here , there
winking in the garden
fire flies

the rose bud
spring sunshine

melting snows
and spring rains
eyes the levee marker

sluices opened_
Mississippi River floods
the spillway

http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image: Bonnet_Carre_Spillway_aerial_view_northeast.jpg#file

eye son levee marker
Katrina floods

sound of garden fountain
sleep chased away
bull frogs

moon shadows
washed away

moon shadows
on the garden wall
scent of roses

passing through_
rose blooms

moon beams
in the branches
oak alley

roar of gathering silence
of the heart
Manresa retreat begins

moon shadows
roar of silence
Manresa retreat begins

frogs echo frogs
across oak alley
breaking retreat silence

cut roses in a vase_
brighten a room ,
but the garden is bare

a time for loneliness,
not lonely at all

a good book
and the coffee house
retirement bliss_

looking through
my reflection in the glass
children at play

spring rains
field of mud chimneys
thoughts of crawfish cooking

feeding time_
young sparrows
in a field of clover

crawling up the leg
a curious sensation
fire ants

spring peepers_
searching the internet
there's a picture

wiping away a tear_
moonbeams dripping
from the eaves

FIFTH PLACE -- 5 pts

mowed down
defiant clover
blooms again

march winds
clover shakes it's head
honey bee holds on

road home_
crossing my path
a wild rabbit

blown before the wind
leaves and scraps of paper
mall parking lot

intermittent peeking
through the clouds
the sun catches the eye

fan in hand
obscure glances
a child pretends

cauldron of chaos
circling the dock
wave runners

clover to clover
her work never done
the honey bee

the setting sun
sparkling on the bayou
beyond the pines

garden dampness
on the convertible windshield
peepers take a ride

ground rumbling
robins take flight
then a train whistle blast

into tomorrow
rumbling along
train whistle

looking back
the biker
sped past

a stranger
in my own house
longing for home

scent of an old book
hours spent
turning pages

albums in the mud
yesterdays swept away
hurricane Katrina

honey bee
backing out the coke can
another flower?

knocking at the door
rumble of thunder
in the distance

swimming in my cup
Defiant fly

searching for moisture
between the cracks

stripped paulowina
finally a green bud
spring breeze

spurting up
above the puddles
spring flowers

Gold rings
worn thin
much hand holding

Gold rings
worn thin
hand holding

Gold rings
worn thin
exchanged glances

kite flying
stiff breeze
sunset crashes

kite flying haiku
flying high

kite flying
touching clouds
kid fun

diamond sparkle
on bayou surface
stiff breeze

setting sun
balloons escape
stiff breeze

hunting worms
in the clover
fat robins

on the ground
in the trees
starlings in flight

winged maple seeds
cover bare branches
leaden skies

covey of starlings
fat robins
serious competition

they all take flight
lone sparrow
haunting melody

sound of bamboo
flute, gong,
tiny bells

desert sentinel
reaching for the heavens
a coat of white

false spring
on the rose bud
morning frost

numbers are in
one player out
bases still loaded

lighthouse mocks
extinct humanity__
ancient moon rises

sunset at the park
bayou at high tide
rumble of a freight train

fire truck
sucking water
from the bayou

sirens screaming--
the peace of retirement
and a good book...

gulf coast-
thunder storms & twisters
shifting sands

heat seeking missiles
strike at the heart
Valentine passion

red beans and rice
at the fox's hole
post katrina

the sound of jazz--
at the fox's hole
post katrina

lost in a strange place-
the first dream of the new year
can't shake old thoughts

closing windows
as I rush through the cold house
I discover the break-in

new years day
another white rosebud
lingers still

fighting pneumonia
each winter's haiku
struggle for breath

(c) terrytip 2008